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Welcome to Brookside School and the 2021-2022 school year!

Our promise to you is that TOGETHER We will Rise…

As we return together as a united school community, we plan to rise by focusing first on social emotional wellness.  In addition to our focus on providing a culture of care for our whole school community, our staff is dedicated to ensuring our students develop a strong  foundation of skills that will lay the groundwork for their future academic success.  As we concentrate on developing our students’ skills, we promise that we will provide opportunities for them to find joy in their learning through authentic experiences and reading, writing and problem solving topics that are meaningful and relevant. In addition to focusing on a culture of care, developing a solid foundation of multiple literacies and centering joy in learning, we remain committed to the core principles of our school mission:

As primary school educators, the Brookside School Community believes in creating a supportive, nurturing and culturally responsive school environment that promotes a sense of enthusiasm and wonder about learning through authentic educational opportunities.

At Brookside School, we:

  • Build a solid foundation of literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving and 21st century skills that will ensure our students’ success in an increasingly global economy.

  • Provide a culturally responsive, developmentally appropriate, standards-based and differentiated curriculum that is driven by frequent monitoring of student performance.

  • Believe that all children deserve enrichment and educate the whole child by providing opportunities for students to develop their technological, athletic, musical and artistic talents.

  • Celebrate our diversity and the richness of our community prepares all of its members to be socially successful in an increasingly interdependent world.

  • Foster awareness of environmental issues and appreciation of the living world through discovery and exploration of the habitats surrounding our school.

  • Create a climate that fosters active citizenship by fostering respect and cooperation for all by being prompt for school, prepared to learn and polite to each other.

  • Promote relationships between parents, teachers and the members of our Ossining community that  ensure each child’s success as well as collaboration that provides all students extensive opportunities for hands-on learning opportunities aimed at developing background knowledge and higher order thinking skills .

  • Nurture a learning community that promotes individual personal and professional growth and also develops the collective power of our shared knowledge as we work together to ensure that all members of our school community succeed.

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